Suspension Service

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Suspension Service

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Automobiles have three purposes: luxury and comfort, speed and performance, and heavy workloads. The design and optimization of your suspension will determine whether you get a high performance, a comfortable ride or a balance between the two.

Your automobile is a hunk of metal and plastic set on a chassis and four rubber tires. If the engine is the heart of your automobile, its suspension system is the backbone. Your auto’s suspension includes spring coils, shock absorbers, struts and tires. All this affects your driving ability to control your automobile while reducing the impact of bumps and vibrations providing you and your passengers a more comfortable experience. Your automobile’s cornering ability and how it maintains contact with the road surface also depends on the suspension system.

Suspension service and repair is available at German Auto Haus and Bob’s Auto Electric in San Bernardino, CA. When your automobile has lost a little of its bounce, wants to turn when you want to go straight, leans too much on the curves or has a vibration or noise, it’s time to bring it in and let our suspension repair technician do a full suspension service.

On all makes and models, along with any requested, specialized suspension service and repair, our general services include:

• Chassis parts
• Vibration and noise problems
• Alignment system
• Struts/shocks
• Mounts
• Bearings

Our excellent suspension service, along with our qualified foreign auto repair mechanic team, has allowed customers to rely on us to keep them on the road in a car that is safe to drive for 49 years.