Foreign Auto Repair

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Foreign Auto Repair

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There are as many opinions out there as number of automobiles on the road when it comes to the foreign vs. American-made debate. Many believe that foreign automobiles are better styled and engineered. As a foreign auto repair shop, what we know is that foreign autos have engines and electronics that differ greatly from domestic (American-made) automobiles. Foreign auto repair standards differ also and the parts for foreign autos are more costly and sometimes harder to get.

America as well as many other countries manufacture and assemble foreign automobiles. We don’t see every foreign auto driving around the streets of America, but for those popular makes and models that Americans do drive, German Auto Haus and Bob’s Auto Electric offers a one-stop, full-service foreign auto repair shop in San Bernardino, CA.

If you notice a problem just starting to appear with your automobile, don’t ignore it. It will most likely turn into a major problem over a short period. For example, leaks have no mercy and any kind of fluid leak under the hood that shows up under the automobile is not a good sign. Always watch for the three major warning lights: the engine oil light, the engine temperature gauge and the brake light.

Routine maintenance and diagnosing a minor problem is a simpler solution to major expenses later Overlooking changing major fluids like engine coolant, engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids can lead to major system failures. They degrade over time so topping them off is fine for a while but flushing the old and replacing with new fluids is necessary for normal running conditions.

Most importantly, you want to make sure your car is safe to drive. Along with your major fluids, keep an eye out on your brakes, brake lines, ball joints, tie rods, serpentine belts, airbags and seat belts. For most busy people, this is too much to deal with.

Let German Auto Haus and Bob’s Auto Electric provide routine maintenance, perform your foreign auto repair and become your most relied on foreign auto repair shop.