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The purpose of an automobile engine is to convert gas into a mechanical motion and the purpose for the transmission is to take that power to the wheels. Engines and transmissions are the heart of your automobile. Everything under your hood is necessary in order to make your automobile move.

What’s behind the check engine light? Sensors. The sensors send valuable information back to the on-board computer. The program operates using values and fault codes and when a value is out of range on one of these systems, the sensor triggers the check engine light to come on. The systems affected are the fuel supply, fuel and air mixture and electrical. Engines rely on the computer systems installed to let you know when it needs engine repair.

The longer you drive your vehicle with the check engine light on, the more fault codes appear, causing other system codes. The entire diagnostic procedure becomes very complicated and costly. During a diagnosis, our foreign auto repair mechanic retrieves the fault code and starts the test procedures to pinpoint the cause of the fault code and the engine repairs reported.

Our expert team will always provide you with the details of the fault codes found, the testing procedures performed and the findings. Trust German Auto Haus and Bob’s Auto Electric in San Bernardino, CA to provide the most accurate, detailed information so you can make an informed decision about the engine or transmission repairs needed. We offer requested, specialized services along with these general engine repairs: smog failure, poor engine performance and poor fuel mileage.

There is no check light specific for transmission problems but the signs are very clear. If your automobile is making rough shifts or slipping, showing a delay in engaging into drive position or red fluid is leaking under the automobile then it’s time to call German Auto Haus and Bob’s Auto Electric for inspection, diagnoses and transmission repair.

For all engines and transmissions, German Auto Haus and Bob’s Auto Electric can work on most makes and models. Give us a chance to be your trusted foreign auto repair shop in San Bernardino, CA. With our 49 years of experience and reputation, we are the right shop for you.